Based in Philadelphia, our exporting company and car dealership offers pre-owned car sales, as well as container loading and unloading, storage, and shipping for individual and commercial customers. Bring your own container or take advantage of our facilities when you enlist the services of our auto exporting company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Loading and Un-Loading

Whether you are loading a regular 20ft, 40 ft or 40 ft high cube container, Mak Shipping provides a whole range of loading services including "do it yourself" loading or let our professional loaders get your containers ready for sailing. Our loading facilities include forklifts, ramps for easy access and loading.


Mak Shipping can handle your import/export needs and make shipping freight a whole lot easier.  We take pride in logistics and specialize in cargo freight. Let us give you the import and export expectations you are looking for.


MAK Shipping provides short-term and long-term warehouse facilities. Whether you are looking for a large or small warehouse space, MAK Shipping can accommodate your needs.

Let us keep your items until you are ready to ship. We can also warehouse items that are shipped from abroad until your company is ready for distribution or move it to its final destination.

Our huge facility holds more than 150 cars, several warehouses, and room for many other items. With 24 hour security cameras watching over every corner of our facility, you can rest assure that your items are safe with us.

Overseas Exporting

Are you looking for a company that can handle the storage and shipment of large or bulk goods? Then you've come to the right place! Mak Shipping provides safe and secure storage and exporting of goods and vehicles to Africa and other locations.


MAK Shipping provides trans-shipment services as part of our to our long list of services. Let our warehouse, shipping and trucking services take you're your business to the next level.